Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year

Well I have been neglecting this blog since the holidays. Things have been busy, up and down and extremely difficult.

Christmas was nice enough, I think we were all just grateful to have each other and still have my mom around. I know the thought crossed her mind that she might not be here for any future Christmases so we tried to enjoy being together.
I have never been more thrilled to see a year end than 2010. It truly was the worst year of my life, I hate to add so far, but I will, God only knows what the future has in store for me. I have felt bad about how things were in the past and now putting it in perspective they look quite awesome. I hope that 2010 remains the worst year and things start looking up soon.

Happily, Michael-Scott has been home since before Christmas, other than one quick trip to Dallas over the weekend. It’s been really nice having him around. We celebrated our five year wedding anniversary on the 8th, with a really fun, indulgent day. We drove out to Malibu for breakfast at Paradise Cove. I had amazing carrot cake waffles, and we shared smoked salmon eggs Benedict. After breakfast we went to the Getty Villa, which was really interesting and fun. I haven’t been since they moved the majority of the art collection over to the new Getty, but there is still plenty to see at the old place, art, sculpture, jewelry, and artifacts, not to mention the gorgeous grounds.

We headed back towards home in time for our Thai massages. I have had plenty of regular massages but never this kind. It was an odd combination of deep tissue massage and intense stretching. I am not sure if I enjoyed it but I did feel better afterward.

We then went to Tifa Chocolate and had some drinking chocolate and some truffles. Finally we went home, grabbed some In-N-Out and ate that before taking a nap. We had late dinner reservations at 8:00 at Mastro’s so we got ready and went over there. That dinner was phenomenal. We had an appetizer with lobster, Dungeness crab and oysters, a bottle of Malbec, and delicious steaks. Our waiter surprised us with a Happy Anniversary cake and we had cappuccinos afterwards. It was a fabulous day. We were planning to go out of town, but with everything going on with my mom we decided we were better off staying close by.

My mom was declining, being off chemo and everything for awhile was taking a toll. She was feeling bad, nauseated and exhausted. Last week she finally got pushed into the clinical trial where she received some new drug that her doctor is very excited about. She didn’t feel much relief immediately following her treatment, but now a week later she is starting to finally feel a little better.